Original license

We provide all the Microsoft original software and more with 100% lifetime warranty on all product that are provided to the customers.

Data recovery

The concept solution I thecs is characterised by retrieving deleted files, high professionalism service where we can recover deleted and save date from ransomware attacks.


We have a fleet of experts in internal and external network the work of detailed reports about the weakness and strength and provide network infrastructure solutions for building projects.

Maintenance contract

The concept solution I Thecs are able to cope with the toughest Internet problems, databases with team of technicians great with experience and speed of quick response to maintain your work.


the concept solution I Thecs team can design and program on demand in all programming languages at competitive prices and record times, to make your dreams comes true.

Website creating

The concept solution I Thecs has team with long experience to make all types of web sites based on customer request.